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Immigration Insider: Election 2010

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Immigration Insider | Election Day

Maribel Hastings talks to voters in Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. Will the attack ads on Latino immigrants suppress the vote, or spur turnout? Tune in Wed. at 1pm to find out. While Majority Leader Reid promises to bring up the DREAM Act in the lame-duck session, Senate Republicans want to know: how much would it cost to deport everyone?

Immigration Insider | 1 Week to Election 2010

With one week to go, Angle backtracks on the border. Voter guide shows immigration a key issue in 54 races.  Spanish language ad blitz hits NV and CO to turn out Latinos in wake of Republican attacks.  Illinois’ Kirk a nightmare on DREAM.  DNC announces major Spanish ad buy. 

Immigration Insider | 2 Weeks to Election 2010

Among Latinos, interest in voting shoots up 10% in one month. A conservative group tries to suppress the growing Latino vote in Nevada, but Univision is refusing to run their ads. Joe Miller hearts East Germany’s approach to border security. Even after stock photo snafu, Angle finds new ways to trip up with Nevada’s Latino (Asian?) voters.

Immigration Insider | 3 Weeks to Election 2010

Sharron Angle and David Vitter pull out all the stops, and stock photos, with race-baiting immigration ads. Dobbs pulls a Whitman. Fiorina hits Boxer for voting against immigration reform that Fiorina opposes. Politicos wonder: will Latino voters turn out?

Immigration Insider | 4 Weeks to Election 2010

CA-Gov debate highlights Whitman’s immigration hypocrisy following housekeeper kerfuffle. Poll shows DREAM debate helped Dems with Latino voters. Murdoch, Bloomberg latest to lobby Congress for immigration reform.  Menendez introduces comprehensive bill; Hatch fires back with enforcement-only. DREAM Act helps spur unprecedented GOTV efforts across the country.

Immigration Insider | 5 Weeks to Election 2010

A vote on the DREAM Act is delayed, but the debate itself could boost Dems’ chances this fall. CA candidates attempt extreme makeovers to woo Latino voters. Rep. Bilbray blasts DREAM supporters as “accomplices to murder.” FOX News is furious… with Stephen Colbert. Marco Rubio speaks Spanish. America’s Voice teams up on Spanish ad blitz to show who’s blocking immigration reform.

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