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Vote Recommendation: Support the House Democrats’ Border Supplemental Bill As Amended

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Republicans Should be Ashamed of Holding Kids Hostage

The House of Representatives must pass an emergency spending supplemental border bill before the July 4 recess – again – and get it to the Senate – again –  because the Senate is more interested in placating Trump than in moving legislation to relieve the suffering of children and families. 

While Republicans play politics, children in DHS facilities are literally living in their own filth without proper access to bathing, proper food or medical attention. The priority must be to address the human rights crisis that is endangering the lives of children and families in the custody of the American government. 

To get to yes, House Democrats have proposed a series of sensible amendments to the Senate-passed bill to make sure that kids are treated humanely, funds are spent responsibly and that accountability measures are meaningful. These common sense safeguards are the least Congress can do as they address this humanitarian emergency.  

Members of the House of Representatives should support the border supplemental bill, as amended.

Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice issued the following statement:

The House passed a much better bill than the Senate’s version earlier this week. The proposed supplemental package amending the Senate-passed bill is not as strong, but it’s better than the Senate bill. With funds running out for the care of vulnerable children, Congress must act this week to get the best possible bill across the finish line.

The House version will strengthen the bill’s protections for children’s health, make the safety of children in the government’s care a priority, and enhance accountability and transparency. It will also ensure that the processing of asylum claims are handled fairly, efficiently and accurately so that children and families do not languish in camps and detention facilities.

Republicans seem more interested in holding these kids hostage than in responding to this emergency with appropriate solutions and safeguards. They seem more concerned with locking them up, treating them roughly while in custody, and shielding the agents in charge from accountability – all in line with Trump’s failed and cruel deterrence-only strategy. The House should act today, and the Senate should quickly follow suit. After all, children need toothbrushes, a shower, medicine, food and a cot to sleep on.   

We recommend members of Congress vote in favor of the border supplemental bill that Speaker Pelosi is backing and bring the Senate to the negotiating table to hammer out a final bill – this week – that improves the treatment of vulnerable kids and families and improves accountability of those in charge of their care.