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Video Ad Tells Truth About FAIR

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FAIR Claims to be Rational, Intelligent; Facts Tell Different Story


America’s Voice released a new video ad bringing to light the truth about the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  The ad is a response to the recent press release sent out by FAIR promoting their hateful rhetoric as “rational.”

Shortly after America’s Voice, along with other immigration reform groups including Center for New Community, Fair Immigration Reform Movement and SEIU, published print ads in both Politico and Roll Call criticizing FAIR’s extremist agenda, FAIR responded by citing their “rational” and “meaningful” tactics on the immigration debate.  The organization conveniently ignores its own incendiary comments in their response, instead claiming that their bigoted rhetoric is actually the style of “intelligent” and “rational” dialogue we need.  If these statements were not so offensive, it would be comical to link FAIR’s policies with intelligent rationale.

It is appalling that FAIR is presenting their extremist behavior and rhetoric as mainstream.  They claim to be an honest and intelligent organization but their own words paint a clear picture of a fringe group that looks to spread hatred.  In just one example of a host of demagoguery that comes from this group, Joe Turner of FAIR was quoted as saying, “just because one believes in white separatism that does not make them a racist.”  The idea that this kind of rhetoric is “intelligent” or “rational” is simply untenable.

Spreading fear about immigrants through bigotry and hatred is the primary purpose of FAIR, and to pretend that their efforts are anything else is fundamentally untrue.  FAIR’s long history of divisive policies on immigration speaks for itself.

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