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Vanessa Cárdenas Reacts to Biden Version of Asylum Ban

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Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to new asylum restrictions:

“The expiration of Title 42 presented an opportunity for a reset on immigration, so it’s unfortunate that President Biden is embracing a policy he once condemned. 

Erecting new barriers to fair asylum access and a punitive set of measures meant to block people who are forced to migrate gets the balance all wrong and perpetuates short-term optics over durable solutions. Blunt, deterrence-only policies continue to misread the fundamental realities and drivers of migration and asylum. 

Yes, there are real challenges with how to address the reality of hemispheric migration. But the focus should be on policies consistent with our values and that work. Plenty of smart and affirmative policy ideas have been put forth to ensure that we can meet this moment – and the coming years – with both order and justice and in pursuit of a broader overhaul of our immigration system that works for America. 

Other recent Biden’s administration announcements to expand legal pathways, create new regional refugee processing centers, and expand family reunification efforts are smart new ways to alleviate border pressures so that people are able to migrate safely with a visa instead of dangerously with a smuggler. Unfortunately, the potential scope and impact of this asylum ban is a dangerous departure from our practice as a safe haven for asylum seekers. Slamming the door to many while cracking open a few windows doesn’t respond to the moment or strike the appropriate balance.”