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Vanessa Cárdenas on the Ron DeSantis Presidential Launch

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Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice in advance of the official launch of the Ron DeSantis presidential campaign:

“Ron DeSantis is a Trump wannabe, copying Trump’s playbook to stir divisions, hate and fear among voters. Exhibit 1 of this is his unfortunate decision to launch his campaign with Elon Musk, fully aware of the corrosive impact this social media platform has in amplifying hate speech and extremism.  

From an immigration perspective, we know the type of ugly campaign Ron DeSantis is aiming to run – and the human consequences and economic costs of enacting his extreme and anti-immigrant vision that he has already inflicted on Florida. No wonder major civil rights organizations are issuing travel warnings to Americans saying that Florida is unsafe because of DeSantis policies. 

His policy record and agenda has more to do with the DeSantis assessment of how to navigate the shoals of GOP primary politics and the MAGA base than they do about solving problems, strengthening the economy, or advancing the best interests of the Sunshine State or country. 

The truth of that assessment is a damning reflection of his so-called vision for the country. It’s not hopeful. It’s not unifying. And it’s certainly not inspiring. Instead, it’s a warmed over collection of grievance politics and culture war attacks that seem solely designed to burnish his political brand, no matter the costs and consequences to his state and constituents. His brand of cruel bullying isn’t one that helps working families but comes at their direct expense.

What a sad reflection on his candidacy and the state of the Republican Party.”

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