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Trump ICE Head Homan on Second Term Mass-Deportations: “They Ain’t Seen Shit Yet”

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Washington, DC — At the National Conservatism conference yesterday, a gathering of paleoconservatives explicitly embracing nationalism, former ICE director Tom Homan reiterated Donald Trump’s second-term plans for mass deportations – the most consequential immigration and economic topic of the campaign:

“Trump comes back in January, I’ll be on his heels coming back, and I will run the biggest deportation force this country has ever seen … They ain’t seen shit yet. Wait until 2025.”

Homan, as well as Trump himself, also has made clear that the mass roundups and deportations would be unsparing, saying on prior occasions, “People need to be deported…No one should be off the table.” In addition to Homan’s quotes, the larger conference itself and its espousal of unfiltered Christian nationalism by leading Republicans and right-wing figures was chilling.

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“The right wing continues outlining their cruel, dangerous, and destructive plans for America. Their proposed vision to round up and deport millions of long-settled immigrants from American families and communities is deeply unpopular and would wreak havoc on our economy and every corner of the country. Yet, Republicans are lining up behind this vision. Each candidate seeking office needs to address the impact this proposed massive roundup of moms, dads, business owners, and working men and women would have in their state, district, or community.”

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