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“The Only Thing Mike Coffman is Standing Up for is Political Expediency” – Colorado’s Voice

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Denver, CO – The following is a statement from Alvina Vasquez, Director of Colorado’s Voice: 

“Mike Coffman and other Republicans have supported and endorsed Donald Trump for more than a year despite it being clear that Trump was unqualified and unfit for the presidency. It’s only now, one month before Election Day and with Trump’s candidacy a sinking ship, that Mike Coffman is actually backing away from Trump. This underscores that Coffman’s opposition is political, not principled.

Last night, Coffman called on Trump to step aside “for the good of the country.” Well, why didn’t he call for Trump to step aside before now? Trump has spent the campaign equating Mexicans to rapists, pledging to mass deport undocumented immigrants and end DACA for Dreamers, seeking to ban Muslims from entering America, refusing to apologize for his birtherism, attacking the gold star Khan family, questioning the patriotism and qualifications of a Mexican-American judge, attacking Alicia Machado as fat and disgusting, mainstreaming white nationalism and dividing the country along racial and religious lines. None of these offenses were enough for Mike Coffman to ask Trump to step aside for the “good of the country?”

The only thing Mike Coffman is standing up for is political expediency and what he believes is best for his political future. He has shown no courage for well over a year, and he should get no credit for jumping off the sinking ship at this late date.”