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“Thank you, Georgia!”

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Sustained organizing in communities of color made the difference


The victory of Raphael Warnock and likely victory of Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate runoffs speaks volumes about the future of American politics and the future of immigration policy in our nation. Political change is being driven from the ground up in Sunbelt  states from Arizona to Georgia. Policy change will be driven by the multiracial, multiethnic and multigenerational majority that rejects Trump’s racism and xenophobia and supports pro-immigrant policies as never before. 

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Thank you, Georgia! 

The combination of on-the-ground and sustained organizing efforts driven by Black women and other people of color translated demographic change, Republican extremism and unapologetic Democratic candidates into huge electoral victories. 

Our nation is profoundly grateful to each and every one of you who showed up for an America that values all of us. 

In particular, we salute the long-term organizing efforts led by African Americans in the state; the community-led efforts to engage and mobilize the growing Latino, African immigrant and AAPI communities; and the hard work of organizers from unions such as UNITE HERE and activist networks such as Care in Action. As Senator-elect Warnock told ABC News: ‘This is the reversal of the old southern strategy that sought to divide people.’

Democrats have long wondered what it will take to turn diversifying electorates into sustainable majorities. Now we know. Georgia and Arizona are this cycle’s prime examples. Organizers anchored in communities of color helped build mobilized electorates that produced multiracial majorities. These 2020 victories build on earlier breakthroughs in Sunbelt states – from California to Colorado to New Mexico to  Nevada to Virginia. Next up: North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida. 

Activists, voters and candidates in Sunbelt states are driving the political transformation of America. In turn, this is creating the public support and political will to deliver long-overdue reforms on immigration policy and beyond. 

We welcome this new day and commit to doing our part to turn power into policy change that positively impacts the lives of millions.