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Texas Republican Monica De La Cruz Wants to “Finish What Trump Started” – Does That Include His Violent Coup?

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Washington, DC –  The stunning testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson before the House Select Committee presents serious questions for battleground Republicans who have embraced the former President. In one of her television ads, Monica De La Cruz, the Republican candidate for Texas’ 15th U.S. Congressional District, says that she wants to “finish what Trump started.”  After credible and vivid descriptions of an unhinged former President determined to lead an armed mob to the capital to overturn the election results and alleged approval of the murder of the Vice President, De La Cruz needs to loudly clarify if she truly wants to “finish what Trump started.” 

The allegations raised against Trump raise important questions for De La Cruz:

  • Does De La Cruz still accept Donald Trump’s endorsement of her campaign? In February the former president endorsed De La Cruz’s campaign. As more details emerge about his support for armed insurrectionists whom he encouraged in the failed violent coup attempt on our democracy, does De La Cruz still stand by the former president or will she denounce his support loudly and publicly on the campaign trail?
  • Does she still believe the racist lies about the 2020 election and the efforts to overthrow the will of the voters? The lies of a fraudulent election are infused with racist ideas and have never held a shred of credibility, yet De La Cruz has pushed these lies and enthusiastically embraced the support of Trump. Does De La Cruz continue to believe these lies and does she support the actions that they wrought? 
  • Will she, given the chance, vote for a slate of House leadership that has willfully ignored accountability for the anti-democratic actions of the former president? De La Cruz has accepted the endorsement and financial support from Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Elise Stefanik, who have tried to undermine the work of the select committee. If De La Cruz is elected to Congress would she use her first vote in office to solidify their leadership? 

The following is a statement from Zachary Mueller, Political Director of America’s Voice:

“The credible allegations brought forth in yesterday’s surprise House Select Committee testimony were shocking for the detailed involvement and actions of the former president surrounding the violent attack on the Capitol. And while there are important discussions to be had about holding Donald Trump accountable for his actions, the battleground Republicans who have embraced his support have some serious explaining to do. 

Voters deserve to have straight and clear answers from Republican candidates like Monica De La Cruz, who has campaigned on the idea of finishing what Trump started. From his nativist attacks that echo white nationalist domestic terrorists to his assault on American democracy, De La Cruz must clarify if she fully rejects these dangerous projects Trump supported or if she,  in fact, wants to continue them.   

Yesterday’s testimony is a stark reminder of the deadly seriousness of what is at stake and the kind of courage Republicans must show at this moment if they truly believe in the fragile promise of a multi-racial democracy.” 

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