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Statement from AV Executive Director Frank Sharry on Virginia’s Second Gubernatorial Debate in Tysons, VA

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Tysons, VA – The following is a statement from Frank Sharry of America’s Voice ahead of today’s Virginia gubernatorial debate between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam:

Tonight we will pay close attention to what the Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie has to say about New Americans who have made Virginia their home. We will scrutinize every word and dissect every single sound bite. This election is too important for immigrant and refugee communities across the commonwealth and we cannot afford to be passive about issues that affect our state’s ability to welcome, grow and prosper.

For example, the commonwealth of Virginia is home to over 13 thousand DACA recipients. Their lives and futures  –  made right here in our state  –  have been upended by the Trump Administration. In six months they will be exposed to deportation to countries they barely remember unless republicans step up and work with democrats to enact the Dream Act. They deserve peace of mind and a governor who will stand behind them as they achieve their American dream.

Ed Gillespie’s desperate rightward shift on immigration  –  no doubt to placate to the Corey Stewart wing of the Virginia GOP  –  has destroyed any semblance of credibility he had left on the issue. Virginians, like me, are ready and willing to support candidates who lead who offer concrete and constructive reforms on the toughest issues facing our state and our nation. But we are not interested in politicians who put their finger to the wind and make vague statements that end up putting at risk tens of thousands of Virginian families. 

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