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With Two Weeks Left Before Election Day in Virginia, CASA in Action Launches Spanish Radio Ads to Turnout the Latino and Immigrant Vote

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Falls Church, VA –  With just two weeks before the 2017 Virginia elections, CASA in Action is launching a series of Spanish language radio ads to turn out Latino and immigrant voters in Northern Virginia.

The ads, which will air on Spanish Language radio stations across Northern Virginia, highlight Dr. Ralph Northam’s support for Virginia Dreamers and condemn Ed Gillespie for his use of Donald Trump style attacks on Latinos and immigrants. The ads also highlight Justin Fairfax, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Herring, candidate for Attorney General of Virginia.

The launch of the ads coincides with a three month campaign to turnout immigrant and Latino voters across the region organized by NextGen America, CASA in Action, Center for Community Change Action, and America’s Voice Virginia.

Audio of the ads can be found here.

Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action:

When Latino voters hear the many ways in which Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring are supporting the immigrant community, they are motivated to vote. Our job is to make sure that Latino voters know the facts!

Sky Gallegos, Executive Vice President of Political Strategy of NextGen America:

Throughout our program, we have been meeting Latino and immigrant voters where they are — at their doors in their communities. Going up on Spanish radio in the final two weeks is a crucial extension of our program to make immigration a key issue in this election and demonstrate the political power of the immigrant community.

Grecia Lima, Deputy National Political Director, Center for Community Change Action:

There is a lot at stake in this election and it’s our job to make sure Latino and immigrant voters know which candidate has their back. Dr. Northam shares our values of equality and opportunity and stands against racism and bigotry. These Spanish radio ads reinforce our message to voters that Dr. Northam is the right choice for Virginia.

Julio Lainez, State Director for America’s Voice Virginia:

It is important for the Latino community to understand the major differences between the candidates. With these ads, the contrast between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie becomes clearer. The hateful campaign being run by Gillespie and the Virginia Republican Party aims to divide Virginians. It’s important now more than ever for our community to be engaged, and motivated to vote on Nov. 7th. Virginia deserves better.

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