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Senator Burr Defends Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan

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As the dust settles from last night’s debate between Deborah Ross and Richard Burr, it is clear that Burr not only supports Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, but he is also a champion of Trump’s mass deportation policy that has been widely condemned as the most extreme, anti-immigrant proposal in modern history.

Largely echoing the key points of Trump’s diatribe on immigration in Phoenix over the summer, Burr asserted that any individual who wants to apply for permanent status in the U.S. would have to leave the country first and apply. As many legal experts have pointed out, this essentially amounts to mass self-deportation, because, if allowed to return at all,  it would take decades to process.

In a shocking display of obfuscation, Burr claimed that, “We have tried desperately to put together a coalition that can have common sense immigration reform.” What he failed to mention is that he opposed the bipartisan effort to pass immigration reform in 2013, which passed by a margin of 68-32 in the Senate but stalled in the House.

A full clip of Burr’s comments on immigration during the debate is available here.

“It’s no wonder that Senator Burr has been running a duck-and-dodge campaign for reelection,” said Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “During the debate last night, Burr was forced to come clean about his continued support for Donald Trump and, when pressed, also revealed that he endorses Trump’s extremely divisive and xenophobic agenda on immigration. While Trump and Burr seek to divide us, North Carolinians are poised to deliver a stinging rebuke to the politics of hate and fear on November 8.”