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Ruling on AZ Immigration Law: The Federal Courts Had to Step In, But Lasting Solution Can Only Come

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Political Demagoguing Of Issue This Fall Won’t Work, But Will Cause Lasting Damage to Republican Party

Washington, DC – Today U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton granted a temporary injunction on major parts of the Arizona SB1070 anti-immigration law.  Among the notable parts of her ruling, Judge Bolton enjoined the “reasonable suspicion” section of the law and the section requiring the carrying of federal immigration documents. Clearly, Governor Brewer and the hard liners in the Arizona Republican party over-reached.

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“Today’s ruling is a welcome and important step towards limiting the reach of Arizona’s ‘papers please’ law.

“The tragic fact is that the judicial system was forced to intervene and impose adult supervision in response to the irresponsible and divisive behavior by the elected officials who currently run Arizona.  The state legislature approved this bill on a party-line vote, ensuring a divisive debate and heated fallout.  Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed this odious bill into law, plunging Arizona further into crisis.  And the two Arizona Republican Senators – Senators McCain and Kyl – are blocking badly needed federal reforms they once championed.  Thankfully, the Founding Fathers created checks and balances to rein in this kind of unconstitutional and un-American legislation.

“Another tragic fact is that the issue of illegal immigration cannot and will not be solved by state legislatures or federal courts.  It can only be solved by Congress and the Administration, and unless and until Washington steps up and enacts a coherent, comprehensive, and national immigration policy, we will continue to see this debate roil local and state politics from coast to coast.  Comprehensive immigration reform that combines targeted enforcement with a legal workforce is what the American people want.  It is more popular than the Arizona law and an understandably frustrated public won’t be satisfied until Congress acts to put a stop to illegal immigration through comprehensive reforms.

“Finally, those who embrace the Arizona law as ‘good politics’ will likely find themselves on the wrong side of history.  In the short-term, the law seems to be mobilizing Latino voters – who might have sat out this year’s election – to vote against Republicans in the November midterms, while those who strongly favor the law were already likely to vote this fall.  In the long-term, an engaged and growing Latino electorate and the anger they direct at politicians and parties identified as supporting anti-immigrant measures – much like California discovered in the aftermath of 1994’s anti-immigrant Proposition 187 and much of the country witnessed in the aftermath of the 2005 Sensenbrenner criminalization bill in Congress – could well tip the political balance in America for the next generation.”

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