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Ron DeSantis Makes White Nationalism Central to His Immigration Plan: The Costs and Dangers of His Ugly Vision

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Washington, DC – Today, Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled his campaign’s immigration plan and gave a speech at the border in Eagle Pass, TX. 

In previewing the plan and speech, the DeSantis campaign pledged, “He will stop the invasion and secure the border once and for all,” and “shut down the border,” while touting a host of hardline and unworkable immigration policy details. On a large banner at the event, the DeSantis campaign echoed white nationalist messaging, making a “stop the invasion” slogan one of the top three points of his agenda. The DeSantis plan and speech did not highlight the continued array of media coverage detailing the economic toll on the economy and communities of the signature Florida anti-immigrant legislation he signed into law.

According to Mario Carrillo, Texas-based Campaign Manager of America’s Voice: 

“The key storylines about Ron DeSantis’ visit to the Texas border shouldn’t just be about his collection of dehumanizing political stunts or the ugly and unworkable policy agenda he unveiled today. They also must include the economic and community harms that DeSantis has inflicted on Florida’s crucial industries and the state’s proud pro-immigrant traditions through his signature immigration bill set to go into effect on July 1. Even before the bill takes effect, people are leaving, job sites are emptying and employers – some of whom are DeSantis supporters – are complaining.

Of course, the DeSantis policies and plans announced today wouldn’t advance any real solutions for our broken immigration system. Instead, they are all just ugly and unworkable anti-immigrant red meat to keep the MAGA base inflamed and all ‘justified’ by advancing false and dangerous white nationalist rhetoric that has a mounting body count, including in Texas.

My hometown of El Paso is still reeling from the mass-shooting perpetrated by a white nationalist whose rhetoric is now touted by DeSantis and many more Republicans. Just a few days ago in Pittsburgh, the conviction of the Tree of Life synagogue shooter offered another reminder about the dangers of mainstreaming this rhetoric, while Buffalo recently commemorated their own anniversary of the attack in their city, again by a white nationalist who cited anti-immigrant conspiracies. 

That the DeSantis campaign is continuing to elevate and mainstream these false conspiracies is dangerous and irresponsible, but not surprising given the type of campaign he intends to run.”