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Rep. Diana DeGette, Local Officials and Latino Leaders Denounce Republican Attacks on Obama Immigration Action

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Leaders and Impacted Families Highlight Benefits of New Policy, Vow to Defend it from Legislative and Legal Attacks

As Republicans voted this week to overturn President Obama’s executive action on immigration, end DACA for DREAMers, and maximize deportations of immigrant families, leaders and elected officials in Colorado held a press conference to highlight the benefits of these policies and vowed to defend them against political attacks from the GOP.

The speakers discussed this week’s votes in the House, the legal challenge being spearheaded by Republican governors, and promised to defend and implement the program as broadly as possibly in Colorado. Local families also spoke about the impact that DACA and the new executive order have had in their lives.

Said Rep. Diana DeGette (CO-1):

The Republican leadership proposal irresponsibly ties funding for our nation’s safety and security to a political disagreement with the President. If they get their way, hundreds of thousands of young DREAMers who were brought here as young children and have demonstrated their commitment to contributing to our society will be deported. Families will be split apart, children will lose their parents, and our immigration authorities will be forced to divert precious resources away from deporting felons and threats to national security.”

Councilwoman Susan Shepherd (District 1) said this about the event:

Northwest Denver has a long tradition of fighting injustice and that’s why today I’m here to voice my support for DREAMERs, regardless of race, and their families. The contributions of our immigrant community have made our city beautiful and strong.

According to Carla Castedo,  the Colorado Director of Mi Familia Vota Education Fund:

Blocking immigration action for hardworking immigrant families only hurts our country’s economy. Hardworking immigrants who benefit from the Deferred Action programs will contribute even more to our state’s economy, by paying a greater share of taxes, creating jobs, and earning higher wages.

Added Eddie Soto, a statewide board member of Colorado Latino Forum:

What is moderate about wanting to deport the parents of US children? What is moderate about deporting DREAMers who were aged out of the original DACA? The only moderate position is comprehensive immigration reform. If Rep. Mike Coffman wants to truly stand up to his party, it would be to demand the work to pass real immigration reform legislation this Congress.