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President Biden, It’s Time to Act On TPS for Haiti — Lives Depend On It

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Haitians Face Violence, Devastation and Political Unrest as Deportations Continue under New Administration

Haiti is currently in chaos amid political unrest, violence, corruption, widespread poverty and food insecurity in a country still reeling from a devastating earthquake in 2010 and other disasters since then. The multilayered humanitarian crises in Haiti have created extremely unsafe conditions that have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet deportations continue to Haiti with flights several times a week, putting adults and children in harm’s way and adding to the country’s already chaotic situation.

One concrete step is for the Biden Administration to keep its promise by redesignating Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). There is bipartisan support and redesignating Haiti will grant safety and relief to families already here building their lives in the United States. 

A roundup of reporting highlights the compounding crises in Haiti that warrant urgent action on TPS: 

Political unrest and authoritarian crackdowns by President Jovenel Moïse

Buzzfeed: Senators Are Calling On Biden To Issue New Protections For Haitian Immigrants Already In The US

The Nation: After a Decade of Misrule, the People of Haiti Have Had Enough

VICE: Haiti Descends Into Chaos Amid Mounting Fears of Dictatorship 

Widespread poverty, kidnappings, gang violence and sexual violence against women 

Reuters: Sexual violence in Haiti is a public health problem: charity

Miami Herald: Haiti civic leaders and former US diplomat to House Foreign Affairs: ‘Haiti is a mess’ 

US News & World Report: Haitians Barricade Streets to Protest Insecurity After Gang Murders of Police 

Voice of America: Haiti’s Humanitarian Needs Remain ‘Disturbingly High,’ UN Official Warns

A slow vaccine rollout and limited resources in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Miami Herald: Title 42 was imposed by CDC as the coronavirus took hold

The New Humanitarian: Haiti’s political crisis fans fears over COVID-19 vaccines