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Citing Case of Osman Aroche Enriquez, Lancaster (PA) Editorial Underscores Urgent Need for Congress to Act

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“DACA Recipients Need to Be Pulled From Legal Limbo”

An editorial from Pennsylvania’s LancasterOnline.com cites the case of Osman Aroche Enriquez as an example of why it’s urgent for Congress to pass Dreamer legislation as soon as possible.  The LNP Editorial Board writes:

DACA is a program on which most Americans agree. As conservative LNP Editorial Board member Stuart Wesbury noted in a Dec. 6 op-ed, it should be an issue on which compromise is possible.

Aroche Enriquez already fell into a bureaucratic nightmare. More such nightmares await DACA recipients whose statuses are in limbo unless Congress acts — and soon.

Osman followed the rules to renew his DACA, but lost his status due to delays at the post office that were completely out of his control. This week, Osman, the father of a one-year old United States citizen, was arrested during a routine traffic stop and detained in immigration jail for four days. Last night, he was finally released back to his family and son. Read more about his case here from Dara Lind at Vox.

“While we are relieved that Osman is now home with his family, he should never have been held in jail in the first place. Unless and until Congress does its job and passes the Dream Act, we will continue to see more young Americans arrested, detained and exposed to deportation. The moment of truth is at hand.” said Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice.

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