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On Immigration Reform, President and Congressional Leaders Declare “Game On”

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Below is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on today’s bi-partisan White House meeting on immigration reform. 

“Today marks a turning point.  This meeting marks the end of the preseason and the beginning of the regular season.  Starting soon, and heeding the wishes and expectations of the American people, Congress will begin the challenging process of overhauling U.S. immigration policy.  DHS Secretary Napolitano has been designated to form a Congressional Working Group, and we hope and expect initial the work to move forward on legislation will commence this summer.  The goal should be nothing less than to bring under control our chaotic immigration system from one immersed in failure and half-baked non-solutions into a safe, secure and legal system that effectively eliminates illegal immigration. 

“Getting comprehensive immigration reform done will be both good policy and good politics.  As a policy matter, the only way to move towards ending illegal immigration is to enact a plan that that combines tough and targeted enforcement, earned citizenship, and legal immigration reforms.  As a political matter, Democrats need to prove to independent voters they can deliver big reforms on tough issues such as illegal immigration, Republicans need to prove to Hispanic Americans that they are not hostile to the fastest growing group of new voters, and the President needs to make good on his commitment to getting reform enacted. 

“While many in the political class continue to look in the rearview mirror and fail to grasp the policy and political realities that are bringing immigration reform to the fore, the President and Congressional leaders understand the power behind reform.  Today they took a giant step towards addressing and solving a problem calling out for courageous and deliberative action.  We look forward to working with the White House, both chambers and both parties to accelerate the momentum towards the enactment of reform that reflects our national interests and ideals.”

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