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On Border Wall, Trump is a Loser

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A federal judge in Texas has blocked the Trump administration from raiding $3.6 billion in military funding in order to build sections of his border wall. Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, issued the following statement in response:

This whole stupid border wall debate, which started as a racist Trump rally chant that turned into a signature Trump promise of a 2,000 mile border wall that Mexico would pay for, is a singular obsession of Trump. He has shut down the government once over the wall and he threatens to do so again. He’s resorted to seizing money from military projects and seizing land from private property owners in an attempt to build the wall. 

But despite his obsession over the wall, let’s call it as we see it. On his defining promise, Trump is a loser.

Mexico isn’t paying for the wall. Trump lost the government shutdown. The public opposes it. Both houses of Congress are on record with majority votes in opposition to Trump’s emergency power grab. And now a Texas federal judge has found his raid of military spending unlawful.

Trump is what he hates the most: a loser.