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New Resources from America’s Voice Ahead of GOP Debate and Relentless Anti-Immigrant Focus

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Washington, DC – Ahead of tomorrow’s first Republican presidential debate, America’s Voice has assembled a collection of resources relevant to the first debate and beyond, highlighting the GOP’s relentless anti-immigrant focus. 

  • Media Guide, “Covering Immigration in the GOP Presidential Primary,” provides context for reporters and analysts covering the debates and campaign trail in light of the fear-mongering and extremism expected by GOP primary candidates. Access the media guide here.
  • America’s Voice and Vanessa Cárdenas reaction to the new Donald Trump/Stephen Miller immigration plan and its larger implications. Yesterday, following the Axios scoop on the Trump/Miller immigration plan, AV Executive Director Vanessa Cardenas took stock, noting it was “best understood not just as a draconian set of policies, but also a blueprint for Trump and the GOP’s ongoing assault on America’s history as a beacon of hope and opportunity and the notion of our country as an inclusive, multiracial, majoritarian democracy.” Find a link to the full release with Vanessa’s full quote here