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Nevada Organizations React to SCOTUS Decision

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Nevada Will Not Stop Until Our Families Can Live Without Fear of Deportation

Today, Nevada is hurting.  In our state alone, 66,000 families  would benefit from the DAPA and DACA+ programs. This morning, the Supreme Court released a tie decision in the United States v Texas case. While this split decision sets no Supreme Court precedent, these important, commonsense policies will unfortunately remain blocked.

Viridiana Vidal, State Director of Nevada’s Voice, said: “This decision proves that we need nine Supreme Court Justices. Currently, we have a dysfunctional Supreme Court that is incapable of ruling in the very important matters for our country. By failing to do their constitutional duty and consider President Obama’s nomination to replace Justice Scalia, Republicans are playing politics, and we cannot let them get away with this. While today’s ruling is a setback for immigrant families in Nevada, we will continue the fight, and remember our allies come November’s election.”

Nevada was a signatory of the  United States v. Texas lawsuit, because our Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt was representing his party and not our families – for him, this lawsuit was politics, but for us, it was personal. Laxalt serves as proof that if we do not go out and vote this November for candidates that represent the immigrant community, we will suffer the consequences. Laxalt was elected in 2014, in one of the lowest Latino voter turnout.

Come November, we will remember who this anti-immigrant figure are. This battle is not over.  We will not stop until every member of our community can live in dignity, without fear of being separated from their families.