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So Much For a Moral Compass

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For Joe Heck, Trump’s fitness for the presidency fluctuates based on the perceived impact on Heck’s own political fortunes

In October, Nevada Senate candidate Rep. Joe Heck said that, “in good conscience,” he could not continue to support Donald Trump and noted his desire to “formally ask Mr. Trump to step down.” Yesterday, in a stunning reversal, Rep. Heck said that Trump was “qualified” to be president and stated that he would be comfortable with Trump as commander-in-chief.

When Heck appeared to disavow Trump in October, Viridiana Vidal, Director of Nevada’s Voice, labeled Heck’s comments “a display of pure political expediency, not character,” noting that Heck, after more than 15 months of Trump demonstrating his unfitness for office, only spoke out when Trump’s poll numbers started to sink. Now that the presidential race is again tightening in the polls, Heck’s latest reversal on Trump underscores Vidal’s point – Heck’s stance regarding Donald Trump is dictated by politics, not principle.

Keep in mind, Heck’s renewed embrace of Trump’s candidacy and qualifications comes on the same day the KKK’s official newspaper announced its support of Trump, and as a new Politico story, entitled “White nationalists plot Election Day show of force,” highlights how formerly fringe, racist organizations have been “energized by Trump’s candidacy” and are “planning to come out in full force on Tuesday,” incited by Trump’s talk of a rigged election.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “The history books will not be kind to Joe Heck. While a number of conservative thought leaders and a handful of Republican elected officials have taken a principled stand against Donald Trump, Joe Heck will be in a smaller category: those who have announced, renounced and then renewed support for the controversial nominee of the Republican Party. By wetting his finger and holding it to the wind, Heck has failed a basic character test. He has placed his political ambitions above the undeniable truth that Donald Trump is, and always has been, dangerously unfit for the presidency.”