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More Performative Anti-Immigrant Politics: America’s Voice Recommends “No” on H. Res. 957

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Washington, DC Tomorrow, House Republicans will continue performative anti-immigrant politics by bringing H. Res. 957 – introduced by Rep. Nathan Moran (R-TX) – for a floor vote. The resolution contains much of the false, right wing anti-immigrant rhetoric used by today’s GOP (most recently in DHS Sec. Mayorkas’ sham impeachment) and calls for, “Denouncing the Biden administration’s open-borders policies, condemning the national security and public safety crisis along the southwest border, and urging President Biden to end his administration’s open-borders policies.”

According to Douglas Rivlin, Senior Director of Communication for America’s Voice:

“Like just about everything that comes from House Republicans, this resolution is nothing but a hollow political stunt and further evidence that the GOP isn’t interested in finding solutions to the issue of immigration. They want to divide and disinform, not legislate or lead. As we examined in first-of-its-kind polling and research late last year, pervasive disinformation about ‘open borders’ actually drives migration from Central America to the United States. It’s been empirically shown that when U.S. politicians spread disinformation about the border being ‘open,’ would-be migrants believe it and then are more likely to want to make the journey. If the GOP is serious about fixing our immigration policy, they need to stop amplifying lies and actually put workable solutions on the table.”