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Mike Coffman Is With Trump

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Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP nationally and in Colorado.

Previously Mike Coffman has said he would support the Republican nominee in a statement to the Colorado Statesman. “Will Mike Coffman support the Republican nominee over Bernie or Hillary?” said [Mike Coffman] campaign spokeswoman Kristin Strohm. “The answer is obviously yes. And he believes strongly it is going to be Marco Rubio.”

Representative Mike Coffman’s politics and policies are closely aligned with the Republican Presidential nominee. Previously, Mike Coffman has said that he would support English-only ballots.

When referring to the Dream Act, a bill that would provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, he said: “it would be a nightmare.”

Unless Representative Coffman stands up and leans into the needs of Colorado families and rejects anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric declaring unequivocally that he opposes Trumps hateful, xenophobic campaign then Coffman is #WithTrump.

Colorado already knows Coffman supports the Trump agenda on immigration. He voted multiple times to deport DREAMers by ending the DACA program. He opposes DAPA, the policy that offers a modest but critical step forward for the parents of U.S. citizens.

“Trump is not presidential; his agenda is focused on dividing our country. A Trump presidency would be a disaster for the United States and Colorado – not only on immigration but a range of issues.  Trump has unleashed a new level of hate in America that threatens the very fabric of our society,” said Alvina Vasquez, Director of Colorado’s Voice.  “Representative Coffman is with Trump until he says he isn’t.  That’s not the kind of ‘leader’ we need in Colorado.”