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Key Pre-Debate Immigration Preview and Content

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Washington, DC Ahead of tonight’s presidential debate and given the salience and likely focus on immigration, the following is a fresh preview quote from Zachary Mueller, Senior Research Director for America’s Voice, as well as a recap of key pre-debate content from America’s Voice.

“Trump’s campaign has been a case study of courting political violence, anchored by nativist rhetoric. As someone who tracks the anti-immigration right and the advertising, social media, and communications of allied campaigns, the behavior is disturbing. 

The question with Trump on a debate stage tonight isn’t whether he will continue to stoke the flames of political violence, but how explicit he will be in doing so. Will he tell violent white nationalists to ‘stand by’ for another assault on our democracy as he peddles the anti-democratic lies about immigrants polluting the ballot box? Or spread the deadly white nationalist conspiracy that immigrants constitute a literal invasion that is ‘poisoning the blood’ of the country? Or the more subtle but still dangerous lies about immigrants being an inherently criminal threat, which puts American communities in greater danger of politically motivated violence?  

The inevitable political attacks from Trump and his allies about crime and safety are disingenuous in their own right. Their interest is not in public safety, but rather a cynical effort to exploit tragedy to invoke fear and sow division. It is irresponsible and endangers American lives and only further advances the threat to public safety he himself will court on stage tonight.”