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Jorge Ramos Highlights Why Univision Must Speak Truth to Power

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Vanessa Cárdenas: Trump’s vision for America is not just a threat to progress on immigration, but rather a fundamental shift on who we are as a nation and our democracy.

Washington, DC – Renowned Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has written an important column calling out his employer and highlighting the implications of what’s at stake following Univision’s recent softball interview of Donald Trump and related questions about the network’s direction under new ownership. Ramos is perhaps the most recognized and well-loved Hispanic figure among Hispanics in this country and left his career in journalism in his home country of Mexico, according to him, in order to seek greater press freedom. Earlier this month, America’s Voice joined with more than 80 other organizations in a letter to Univision executives demanding accountability and higher journalistic standards.

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“We commend Jorge Ramos for speaking out about Univision’s egregious interview with Donald Trump and the dangerous implications that come with it. Trump poses a unique threat to Latino and immigrant communities through the scope and dangers of his proposed policy agenda and his reckless use of hate speech that has – and will continue to – lead to violence against immigrants and anyone deemed not American. Trump’s vision for America is not just a threat to progress on immigration, but rather a fundamental shift on who we are as a nation and our democracy. To meet this moment, media must rise to its highest level and speak truth to power and be laser-focused on the stakes and implications of a Trump second term.”

Find key excerpts from Jorge Ramos’ piece, “The Dangers of Not Confronting Trump,” below: 

“Our job as journalist[s] is to question those in power. That’s what reporters do.

…We cannot normalize behavior that threatens democracy and the Hispanic community, or offer Trump an open microphone to broadcast his falsehoods and conspiracy theories. We must question and fact-check everything he says and does.

That’s why it is very dangerous to fail to confront Trump. And that’s why it is our moral obligation to confront him every time there’s a journalistic opportunity to do it. But I understand that not everyone agrees, and I open the debate here.

I am convinced that journalists have two great responsibilities. One is to report reality as it is, not as we wish it would be. And the other is to demand an accounting from those in power and to challenge them.

Of course we should not take sides, and we are obliged to broadcast the messages of all candidates in the 2024 presidential election. But at the same time we cannot surrender our responsibility to ask hard and precise questions. That’s what journalism is for. These journalistic principles apply to everyone.

…Democracy is something that must be defended every day. And for journalists, the way to do that is to ask questions. Even if it hurts. Even if it makes someone uncomfortable.”

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