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In House Vote Thursday Night, Republicans Continue to Beat Anti-Immigrant Drum, Alienate Latinos

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By Following Lead of Lamar Smith and Steve King on Immigration,

Republicans Continue Down Self-Destructive Path 

Yesterday, in a near party-line vote, the House of Representatives approved an amendment by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to the Homeland Security appropriations bill that would prevent the Department of Homeland Security from prioritizing immigration enforcement to focus on dangerous individuals, instead of certain long-time, law abiding immigrants.  Republicans voted to oppose the Obama Administration’s stated goal of sensible prioritization in favor of unfettered deportation.  Meanwhile, Democrats like David Price (D-NC) rightly pointed out that every single law enforcement agency sets priorities in order to make good use of finite resources, and DHS also must be able to do so.

Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“If the Republican Party wants to continue to offend and alienate the fastest-growing group of new voters—Latinos—it should continue to let Reps. Steve King and Lamar Smith lead the charge on immigration and bring amendments like this to a vote.

“Already, the Republican Party is known as the chief obstacle to passing comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, the author of Arizona and Alabama’s ‘show me your papers’ laws, and the sponsor of anti-immigrant campaign ads like Sharron Angle’s and David Vitter’s.  The Party is following the lead of Steve King, a man who has made headlines nationwide for comparing immigrants to dogs and livestock.  With yesterday’s vote, Republican politicians are on record—once again—supporting mass deportation over common sense enforcement priorities.

“No wonder the President currently has a 43-point lead on Mitt Romney with Latino voters, according to a new poll by Latino Decisions.  If House Republicans keep it up all summer, the GOP will continue to dig their own grave.”

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