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ICYMI: “Donald Trump’s Racism Would Nauseate Abraham Lincoln”

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By Continuing to Support the Republican Nominee, Ohio Officials Like Sen. Portman Have “Cut a Deal with the Devil”

After Donald Trump’s comments questioning Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s impartiality due to his Hispanic heritage, it’s clear that the presumptive Republican nominee is espousing an overtly racist view. In a new column on Cleveland.com, Brent Larkin explores the implications of Trump’s comments on the broader GOP, as Cleveland prepares to host the Republican National Convention in July.

As Larkin notes in his piece, “Donald Trump’s racism would nauseate Abraham Lincoln,” Ohio Senator Rob Portman continues to support the Republican candidate despite his most recent racist remarks.  Larkin says that officials who “support the ticket” have “cut a deal with the devil, putting their own self-interest ahead of the country’s.”

Per Larkin:

When bad things happen to this good town, it’s usually at least partially our fault.

Not this one. This one’s entirely on the Republican Party and its rebellious, woefully uninformed voters.


Trump’s loudmouthed loyalists aren’t the only ones headed to Cleveland.

Slinking into town behind them, hoping no one notices, will be a large group of others who back Trump by saying they “support the ticket.” They’re the Republican leaders and elected officials who cut a deal with the devil, putting their own self-interest ahead of the country’s.

So ashamed of themselves and their party are many Republicans that they are taking pains to avoid being anywhere near Cleveland in late July. Others have no choice but to make a cameo appearance.

Exhibit A in this group will be Rob Portman, a United States senator from Ohio who is so desperately fearful of losing his job this fall that he’s willing to endorse a man with whom he has nothing in common.

However, the Ohio Republican, speaking with reporters, said he’s continuing to support Donald Trump for president.

As Portman and other Ohio Republicans fall in line behind their racist nominee-in-waiting, Gov. John Kasich’s refusal to side with a bigot may represent the finest hour of his career in public life.

Added Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice, “As Donald Trump’s racism becomes increasingly blatant, Ohio leaders like Senator Portman need to know that they cannot have it both ways. If you stand with Trump, you’re putting your party over your country.  If you abhor and reject racism, you have to reject racist candidates.  It’s really that simple, and Portman has made his decision.”