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ICYMI: Breitbart Agrees Trump Immigration Plan “Much Broader Than Expected,” Mass Deportation Force “Hidden in the Details”

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We’ve been highlighting that despite outsized attention to the border wall, the most disturbing component of President Trump’s immigration executive order is that it creates a blueprint for mass deportation and follows through with the Deportation Force Trump championed in his campaign. Despite rhetorical flourishes and assurances that Trump is simply building a wall and focusing deportations on “criminals,” the details in the “interior enforcement” executive order make clear that essentially all of the 11 million undocumented immigrants are at risk of deportation.

“When Breitbart News is happy with Trump’s immigration plan, the rest of us need to shudder.  A closer look shows that the plan is about much more than a border wall,” said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund.  “It’s the implementation of Trump’s Deportation Force and the targeting of every single immigrant in America without papers.”

Titled, “Donald Trump’s ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ is Much Broader Than Expected,” the Breitbart piece notes, in part:

“The new immigration reforms announced Jan. 25 by President Donald Trump include a comprehensive range of measures that put the full weight of the federal government behind his campaign promise to shut down illegal immigration.

…Here’s a list of very important measures hidden in the details. For example, immigration officers are being allowed the day-to-day ability to enforce the law as they see fit.”

Additionally, check out a new piece from Roque Planas in Huffington Post, “Trump Order Views Most Undocumented Immigrants As Deportation Priorities,” for more on Trump’s blueprint for mass deportation.