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Gov. Brian Sandoval Still Won’t Fully Revoke His Support of Trump, While Rep. Joe Heck Twists Himself Into Contortions to Justify Continued Support of Donald Trump

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On TuesdayGov. Brian Sandoval was asked to respond to Trump’s recent attacks on Judge Curiel. By now, everyone knows where Donald Trump stands, and his anti-Latino comments have been condemned widely across the country as the textbook definition of racism. However, instead of rescinding his support to Trump’s candidacy for President, Gov. Sandoval continues to remain indecisive.

What is Gov. Sandoval waiting for? Is there anything that would cause Trump to lose his support? If Gov. Sandoval won’t officially pull his support for the Republican nominee after his attacks on Judge Curiel, when will he? Governor Sandoval is putting his party over the needs of the country.

While Governor Sandoval is busy playing politics instead of being the leader Nevadans need and deserve, Representative Joe Heck is simultaneously declaring Trump’s comments as inappropriate while seeing no reason to reconsider his endorsement of Trump, in a bizarre twist of linguistic gymnastics and moral flexibility.

As elected officials for all Nevadans, Rep. Heck and Governor Sandoval must recognize the real-life consequences of Trump’s hateful rhetoric. Instead of working to elect Donald Trump, Governor Sandoval and Rep. Heck must rescind their endorsements — following the lead of Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who urged other Republicans to rescind their endorsements, and Senators Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) who have remained adamant in their opposition to Trump.

According to Viridiana Vidal, Director of Nevada’s Voice, “What’s at stake in this election is a battle for the very soul of America, a country made by immigrants whose diverse backgrounds and talents have moved America forward. Nevada Republicans have a choice to make, they can embrace a racist, anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, or they can stand against Trump. Gov. Brian Sandoval and Rep. Joe Heck are playing politics but have already shown where they stand, and that is not what Nevada deserves.”