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GOP Impeachment Theatrics Shouldn’t Overshadow Deeply Dangerous Nationalist Implications

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Washington, DC – Republican infighting between Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) about forced sham impeachment votes on immigration and the border has generated outsized attention on Capitol Hill this week. But the underlying competition between GOP factions and personalities on how to advance a white nationalist talking point is the serious reality at the heart of this intra-GOP fight. At its core, the effort to impeach President Biden and/or DHS Secretary Mayorkas is all about advancing the conspiracy theory that says that Democrats and Jews are conspiring to replace white people with non-white immigrants: a conspiracy theory with a known, demonstrable body-count.

The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the latest impeachment chatter and implications:

“The intra-Republican drama and name-calling on display over the sham impeachment of President Biden shouldn’t overshadow the larger sobering reality and dangerous implications.

Extremists in the Republican Party are fighting over the spotlight on who gets credit for leading a sham impeachment effort of the President of the United States and DHS Secretary Mayorkas based around a white nationalist conspiracy about immigration and the border. To justify their fundraising and attention grabbing impeachment chatter, they are mainstreaming white nationalist talking points on ‘replacement’ and ‘invasion’ – the same false conspiracies and xenophobic disinformation that has been linked to the mass-shootings in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and El Paso. Re-read those sentences again to fully appreciate the moment we’re in. Republicans know the real world consequences of this rhetoric, but they are ignoring that to advance their political and fundraising goals.

All this despite the fact that Republicans’ apocalyptic predictions of post-Title 42 chaos didn’t come true. Regardless, Republicans haven’t changed their pre-baked plans and attack lines one bit and are proceeding headlong into an impeachment theatrics that are doomed from the start, given Democratic control of the Senate.  Republicans are offering zero solutions or vision to improve the lives of working families or fix the broken immigration system. Consumed by their xenophobic extremism, the House majority continues to hurt all Americans as they distract from the real work of governing. Don’t let the clown car, slapstick fumbling fool you. It’s an ugly moment that encapsulates the continued dangerous descent of the Republican party.”