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GOP Groundhog Day: Previewing Another House GOP Anti-Immigrant Hearing

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Washington, DC – Wednesday in the House Homeland Security Committee, House Republicans will hold the latest installment in their perpetual series of anti-immigrant hearings and continue discussing their proposed sham impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

According to Zachary Mueller, Political Director at America’s Voice: 

“It’s House Republicans’ version of Groundhog Day: another week with the same ugly anti-immigrant committee hearing, filled with repeat witnesses and the same old pre-baked attack lines. We have seen a version of this hearing nearly every week of 2023 and already know what to expect: the same debunked nativist disinformation; the same politics of fear and division; and the same white nationalist great replacement conspiracy theory that has inspired multiple domestic terrorists. This endless process is exactly what Republicans want – a perpetual doom loop they use as fodder for their demagoguery and to inflame their base but, as always, offers no real vision to improve the lives of working families or fix the broken immigration system.

I have been closely tracking GOP anti-immigrant messaging for several years and the only thing that seems to have changed is how increasingly extreme Republicans have become on the issue, unabashedly adopting white nationalist messaging.” 

Last Wednesday, ahead of a House Judiciary Committee hearing reminiscent of this week’s House Homeland Security Committee hearing, America’s Voice issued a preview highlighting five key points to understand about Republicans’ ongoing anti-immigrant political attacks and focus. This included the assessment that Republicans hadn’t changed their pre-baked plans one bit and were proceeding as if their predictions of post-Title 42 chaos had come true.

Since House Republicans haven’t adapted or updated their messaging or focus, each of the points remains just as relevant one week later. Read the 5 Key Points preview here.