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FL Politicians Reflect Parties’ Two Contrasting Visions of Immigrants and America

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Undocumented Families Speaking at the DNC Highlight the Real Life Consequences of Marco Rubio and Donald Trump’s Immigration Proposals

As the Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicks off today in Philadelphia, the contrast between the two parties’ larger visions of America could not be more clear or consequential. The issue of immigration, and the way immigrants are portrayed and featured at the two parties’ conventions underscores this point.

Last week in Cleveland, the GOP adopted Trump’s border wall as their official platform, showing that Trump’s xenophobic, racist, and anti-immigrant rhetoric is not isolated to him but has become the guiding ethos of the Republican Party.

In stark contrast, the DNC kicks off this week with the most progressive platform on immigration in history, which includes support for comprehensive immigration reform and the DACA and DAPA programs, an end to family detention, and the guarantee of legal counsel for Central American refugees.  Complementing this platform is a speaker list that includes undocumented Americans and, for the first time, a DAPA-eligible parent, who will deliver her remarks in Spanish.

The contrast between the parties is clear here in Florida. While Marco Rubio, who spoke at the RNC through a video appearance, and the Florida GOP embrace Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda that includes increased criminalization of immigrants,  deportation of DREAMers and the parents of US Citizens, Florida Democrats are leaning into important immigration programs like DAPA and DACA.

“The two parties’ immigration stances are as different as the night is to the day,” said Elbert Garcia, Director of Florida’s Voice. “One party sees immigrants as a strength and a link to the legacy of freedom and opportunity that has inspired generations. The other stokes the flames of fear in order to slam the door on hard-working families and limit the American Dream.”