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Covering Migration, Title 42 and the Current Political & Policy Moment: New America’s Voice Resources

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This week, America’s Voice released a series of products helpful to your coverage and understanding of the current moment on immigration and border policy and politics. Below, we present three key products we hope you will read and find useful.

We also have lots of resources and thoughts about the current moment – from the new and harmful Sinema-Tillis legislative proposal to the House Republicans’ H.R. 2 political messaging bill set for impending votes – don’t hesitate to be in touch with press@americasvoice.org to set up a time to speak with AV Executive Director Vanessa Cárdenas (in English or Spanish) about any of these issues or related products. 

America’s Voice Key Products for Covering Migration, Title 42, and the Current Political and Policy Moment

  • America’s Voice memo (now updated with additional resources): “Three Key Points About Migration and Modernizing Our Immigration System.” The end of Title 42 as an immigration measure will likely mean a near-term increase in the volume of individuals and families seeking asylum and refuge. Yet the responsible course isn’t to focus exclusively on the volume of arrivals, but instead to wrestle with how we can manage migration in a humane, orderly and ultimately beneficial fashion and modernize a fundamentally broken immigration system. This is not a debate about numbers and optics, but solutions and values and real people. The memo explores:
  1. What does a smart and affirmative policy vision for managing regional migration look like?
  2. Why the current dysfunction calls for a larger legislative overhaul and modernization that Republicans continue to block – they prefer the chaos of a broken system for political reasons
  3. The American public overwhelmingly wants immigration reform and strongly backs a balanced approach instead of GOP, enforcement-only focus

Read the “Three Key Points” memo HERE

Read the backgrounder on Republicans HERE and read our separate recap highlighting the number of times Republicans have blocked or derailed legislative solutions in the decade since the 2013 immigration reform debate – happening ten years ago this month

  • America’s Voice “Checklist and Suggested Guidelines for Media Reporting Covering the End of Title 42.” This short guide notes that because there will be a lot of disinformation and fear-mongering, it is critical that journalists covering these developments are accurate and responsible in their reporting, do not replicate inaccurate messages and inadvertently amplify them, and avoid incendiary reporting that plays into stereotypes. Remember, first and foremost, migrants are human beings who made an arduous journey, often fleeing for their lives. 

Read the media guide here.

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Updated: 05/05/23