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As Trump Demonizes Immigrants, Immigrants Are Building His New Luxury Hotel In DC

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It turns out those same immigrants that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has spent the last three weeks demonizing are also building his new luxury hotel in Washington, D.C.

Mediate calls it, quite aptly, “the most predictable development in world history.”

The Washington Post interviewed some two dozen immigrant laborers working on what will eventually become the Trump International Hotel, with many of these workers revealing they had “crossed the U.S-Mexico border illegally before they eventually settled in the Washington region to build new lives.”

“Several of the men, who hail mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, have earned U.S. citizenship or legal status through immigration programs targeting Central Americans fleeing civil wars or natural disasters.”

Unsurprisingly, some of these immigrant laborers admitted to the Washington Post that they were currently in the United States without permission — and now building a hotel for anti-immigrant Trump.

It’s just the kind of hypocrisy we’d expect from a nativist like Trump, who publicly stereotypes immigrants in the worst way possible as their backbreaking labor builds his fancy hotels and lines his Made-In-Mexico pockets.

And the truth is, that hypocrisy is rampant throughout the immigration debate.

While Trump profits from the back-breaking work of immigrant laborers, let’s not forget that much of our economy depends on those who do incredibly difficult work for low pay. Every American who eats is benefitting from the work of a farmworker. Our fields and orchards depend on them. And, the agriculture industry knows it.

It’s not just hotels, either. Our entire building industry relies on immigrant labor, too.

Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice said, “Trump’s hypocrisy is only superseded by his vicious bigotry. This news about the workforce at Trump’s hotel in Washington is hardly surprising to anyone who knows how hard immigrants work to help build America.  In return, these men and women are attacked, maligned, and treated like political footballs by Trump and his cronies.  By doing so, they have also created an awareness and intensity among Latino voters and other people of conscience that they certainly didn’t imagine or intend.  But it’s real, and the GOP had better realize it.”