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As Republicans Re-up Dangerous Conspiracies and Nativism, New Polling and Reminders that GOP is Out of Touch and Extreme

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Washington, DC – The Republican Party is again defining itself by its anti-immigrant, MAGA extremism despite the proven dangers and new polling, which shows the strong majority of Americans want real immigration solutions instead of political stunts. 

Look at what’s in the news today – the House GOP will hold a Judiciary Committee hearing that hypes anti-immigrant fears, mainstreams white nationalist conspiracies and ignores real policy solutions in favor of political talking points. In the meantime, their colleagues tee up impeachment against DHS Secretary Mayorkas using the same talking points and dangerous rhetoric. Not to be outdone, nine GOP-controlled states have filed the latest legal challenge seeking to end the DACA program and strip protections from Dreamers, making those with DACA deportable.

Below are resources and reminders of how dangerous and out of touch the Republican anti-immigrant push is to public safety, public opinion and real immigration solutions: