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As Candidates Head Home for July 4th, Everyone Should Be Asked About Trump’s “Dark and Dystopic Mass Deportation Vision for America”

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Washington, DC — As America’s Voice has been asserting, Donald Trump’s unsparing mass deportation plans to separate millions of American families and deport immigrants who have lived here for decades is the single most consequential immigration – and economic – topic of the 2024 campaign. 

The Supreme Court’s terrifying ruling to give unchecked powers to the president only heightens the urgency and stakes. The vision of Trump and Stephen Miller deploying the military and red state National Guard troops in American communities and putting long-settled immigrants into military detention camps is openly asserted by Trump and his allies, yet the scope and potential consequences for our nation and its economy remain underappreciated. 

Not only did Donald Trump refuse to answer Jake Tapper’s detailed mass deportation question at the first debate, but the vast majority of Republican elected officials and candidates endorsing Trump have yet to go on-record either to embrace or distance themselves from Trump’s mass deportation vision.

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, 

“July 4th is always a reminder that America’s story is impossible to tell without appreciating the invaluable contributions of immigrants throughout our history. Today, the same immigrants who often work in thankless jobs and help put food on the table for grills and cookouts this holiday should be a source of ongoing strength and vitality for America. Sadly, these essential workers are being scapegoated by Donald Trump and his allies.

Over the holiday break and in the coming days, when candidates and elected officials appear at local parades and events in districts across America, it’s a perfect time to pin down where all candidates stand on the dark and dystopic mass deportation vision for America that Donald Trump is proposing. From Trump himself to the 10 candidates who are a part of the new bilingual Show Me Your Friends/Dime Con Quién Andas campaign to other candidates up and down the ballot, this is the most consequential immigration and economic topic of this election and needs to be addressed as such. Which Dreamers, business owners or parents of U.S. citizens in their districts need to be removed? What will candidates pledge to do if the National Guard from another state comes to their community to break up families?”

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