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Anti-Immigrant Groups Resort to Deception in DREAM Debate

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FAIR Trots Out Trumped Up “Progressive” Front Group, ALIPAC Tells Followers to Lie

Washington – As the DREAM Act moves toward a vote this week in the House and Senate, anti-immigrant groups are once again employing their favorite tactics in a legislative fight – lies and deception.

In order to try and block sensible immigration legislation like the DREAM Act, FAIR has manufactured a front group with the “trendy” name Progressives for Immigration Reform. This “progressive” organization is hosting an event on Capitol Hill today featuring supposed “Latino leaders” who oppose the DREAM Act.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “This group is neither progressive nor for immigration reform.  It will be interesting to see the ‘Latino leaders’ who turn up, given that every real Latino leader in the country strongly supports the DREAM Act and is calling on Congress to approve it this week.”     

FAIR, the organization behind this so-called progressive group, is one of the most virulent anti-immigration organizations in existence, and has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  For an actual take on what legitimate Latino leaders are thinking and saying about the DREAM Act, may we suggest NCLR’s writing as an alternative.

Additionally, the pro-DREAM side of the debate is out-mobilizing the anti-immigrant movement, causing the fringe organization ALIPAC to send an alert to their supporters telling them to call House offices and lie about their addresses in order to be treated like a constituent.   ALIPAC’s alert highlights the superior mobilization on the pro-DREAM side, citing sister group NumbersUSA’s reports that pro-DREAM advocates are beating anti-immigrant “constituents” on the phones.

Sharry continued, “The tactics employed by opponents of DREAM reek of desperation.  Clearly, the anti-immigrant movement is worried that the DREAM Act might become law, and thousands more young people might end up going to college or joining the military—as if that would be a bad thing for our country.  In addition to strengthening the nation’s workforce, increasing education levels, and bolstering the military, the DREAM Act offers clear economic benefits and is in line with our values as a nation.  Republicans in Congress should ask themselves if they really want to let front groups and fake constituents inform their thinking and define their party, or if they want to have a role in passing the traditionally bi-partisan and common sense DREAM Act.”

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