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America’s Voice Opposes GOP’s Politicization of Tragic Murder

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Washington, DC — On Thursday, the Republican-controlled House will take up a bill to politicize the tragic murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. While the legislation puts a series of unwarranted and unhelpful legal requirements on state, local, and federal officials that will not improve public safety, the greatest reason to object to this legislation is the way it advances a political agenda of false fears and division pushed by the opponents of immigration and of immigration reform. America’s Voice urges a “no” vote on this legislation.

The following is a statement by Douglas Rivlin, Sr. Communications Director for America’s Voice:

“The murder of Laken Riley is a tragedy, and the perpetrator should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. It is disheartening that some politicians are exploiting this tragedy for their political purposes. The family and community in Georgia need healing, and to be sure, we as a nation need to address violence against women. However, this bill is not designed to improve public safety or heal a heartbroken community. Rather, it is designed to divide Americans and sow fear of immigrants as a dangerous non-white ‘other.’

Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) is leading this effort and has been placed at the head of the Republicans’ efforts decrying the alleged – and non-existent – ‘crime wave’ by non-white immigrants. It says a lot about the modern Republican Party and this bill that a Member of Congress fluent in far-right slogans and conspiracies and authoritarian talking points, who is among those who falsely accused a migrant of a crime in which he had no involvement, and crossed a line when it comes to overt antisemitism, is the standard bearer for the GOP on this matter.”