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5 Biggest Losers from Trump Plan to Again Raid Billions from Military to Fund 2020 Campaign Vanity Border Wall

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Trump’s border wall obsession ahead of his 2020 re-election and related plans to again raid military budgets is another disturbing reminder about his misplaced priorities and ugly campaign themes planned for his re-election. Below are five of the biggest losers from the latest announced plans:

  • Loser: The U.S. military and military families: Fresh off Trump’s $3.6 billion raid of military projects, the news that Trump will seek to raid an additional $7.2 billion in taxpayer money allotted to the military and narcotics interdiction will harm more military families and construction projects…at the same time that Trump is leading us into potential armed conflict with Iran and narcotics overdose deaths are spiking.
  • Loser: Private landowners along the border: The news that Trump is planning to again raid military budgets underscores that it’s full steam ahead on the wall obsession in 2020. That fact should outrage all Americans: that the Trump Administration is so set on advancing its political agenda to build a wall that won’t work and no one wants that Trump and his son-in-law will resort to seizing land and homes from taxpaying Americans. On the border, every property owner is living in fear that their own government is planning to seize their property and are pissed off and are demanding the President and his team come to the border and meet with citizens whose land they are planning to seize. 
  • Loser: American taxpayers and the majority of the public opposing the wall: Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, despite Trump’s lies and promises as recently as last night in Wisconsin. Instead, the American taxpaying public is set to foot the bill – despite the fact that the wall is an offensive and ineffective idea that is broadly opposed by both border region residents as well as the American public at large.
  • Loser: The will of Congress and the backbones of Republican elected officials: Despite the supposed separation of powers and the fact that a majority of both the House and Senate already rebuked Trump for raiding military projects, Trump is once again exploiting the fake emergency and planning to steal congressionally appropriated funds for the military in order to further his wall obsession. Even with the outrageous behavior from Trump, Republicans are issuing carefully worded quotes in response, expressing mild disapproval about the news but managing to blame Democrats (see GOP quotes in Washington Post, Politico, and The Hill for examples). Do better, Republicans. 
  • Loser: Serious policymaking to benefit the United States: After raiding military accounts, disobeying Congress, declaring a fake emergency and a costly government shutdown, the entire border wall debate is not about policy. In fact, the border wall itself is a stupid, offensive, and ineffective policy concept. Instead, it’s all about politics and symbolism for Trump’s 2020 rallies and campaign ads. He envisions the wall as a giant, racist billboard to his re-election and doesn’t care about the implications for real policymaking or real issues. As he has done in his real estate career, he wants his name on something that will last longer than he will.