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POLL: October 2009–CNN/Opinion Research Corporation

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CNN conducted a telephone poll from October 16-18, 2009.  The poll was conducted through interviews with 1,038 adult Americans on the phone by Opinion Research Corporation.  The poll had a sampling error of +/-3%.

Americans want to reduce undocumented immigration, but not through mass deportation.  A CNN poll found that 73% of Americans want undocumented immigration reduced, while 3% want it increased and 22% want it to stay the same.  But only half of those who want it reduced—37% of the entire sample—said mass deportation was the way to accomplish the goal.

Even in this poll, often cited by restrictionists as proving their case, a majority of respondents favored an immigration solution other than mass deportation.  More than 60% of those surveyed either did not want to see undocumented immigration decreased, or did not want mass deportation.  While we do not know what type of solution they would embrace, since the question was not asked, other polls indicate consistent majority support for comprehensive immigration reform.