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WSJ: 85% of Children at the Border Appear for Court Hearings

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Opponents of immigration reform were quick to pounce on recent statistics that 70% of adults with children who made it to the border and were then released pending a court date, failed to report to immigration offices.  But that doesn’t mean they’re missing their court dates, as the Wall Street Journal reports today:

The vast majority of migrants who recently entered the U.S. illegally are showing up for their scheduled deportation hearings, even as the government said most adults who arrived with children have skipped separate required check-ins with immigration offices.

Between July 18 and Sept. 30, about 85% of unaccompanied minors showed up for a scheduled first hearing, and about two-thirds of adults with children appeared, according to data obtained from the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the agency that oversees the nation’s immigration courts.

Read the rest of the WSJ piece here.