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With Hours Left in Office, Bush Says Something Intelligent on Immigration

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It’s official: with just hours left in office, President Bush actually said something intelligent.

Via Think Progress, in a post entitled, “Bush: It ‘may be fair’ to say that ‘Republicans don’t like immigrants,’ Bush explains how Republicans need to clean up their act on immigration:

BUSH: Take, for example, the immigration debate. That’s obviously a highly contentious issue. And the problem with the initial outcome of the debate was some people said, “well, Republicans don’t like immigrants.” Now, that may be fair or unfair, but that’s the image that came out. And if, you know, the image is “we don’t like immigrants,” then there’s probably someone else out there saying, “well, if they don’t like immigrants, they probably don’t like me as well.”


Bush’s concession at a final press conference today follows comments last week where he cited not fighting for immigration reform earlier as his biggest regret in office (Not ongoing war in Iraq, not his response to Katrina…). 

When even George gets that his party must change course or be relegated to (ahem) minority status forever, that “Republicans don’t like immigrants” is a death wish for the GOP, you have to wonder how the immigration hardliners forge on.