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Why Napolitano’s Not my BFF (Today)

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NapolitanoGovernor Napolitano knows that ending illegal immigration will only be possible if Congress enacts common-sense comprehensive immigration reform, but at today’s confirmation hearing she missed a golden opportunity to make the case. 

She failed to underscore President-elect Obama’s commitment to moving reform legislation in 2009. Though she called for smarter policy at the border and in the workplace, she failed to highlight the glaring need for an earned citizenship program and reforms of the legal immigration system.

This is disappointing because, for years, she has been a vocal leader pressuring Washington to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  As DHS Secretary, she has the opportunity-and the obligation-to use her new position to help lead that effort. 

I hope and trust that she will rise to the occasion.

But until she does, she loses BFF status.