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What do grumpy old men get for Christmas?

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Dobbs as santaAlex Koppelman dissected what’s eating Dobbs over at the Salon War Room yesterday:

In Lou Dobbs’ world, apparently, everything is about immigration. Even the case of New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who’s in trouble with the law after accidentally shooting himself over the weekend.

Contrary to claims of “only seeking to reduce illegal immigration,” CNN host Lou Dobbs joins Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the list of grumpy old men certain to turn any incident — earthquakes and hurricanes included — into their own personal tirade against immigrants.

The goal of all this fear-mongering? Three words: publicity, fame, and money.

Sheriff Joe welcomes controversy with his public tirades against — not only immigrants — but all Latino residents of Maricopa County. And in exchange, what’s the good sheriff getting for Christmas?

His very own reality TV series on — you guessed it — Fox.