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What To Watch For During Tonight’s GOP Debate

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The fourth Republican Debate is tonight, cosponsored by FOX News Business and the Wall Street Journal. It takes place as pro-migrant organizations and allies from across the country react to the continued delay of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

America’s Voice has provided you with a Twitter “cheat sheet” during the past Republican debates, focusing on what Republicans candidates have said on immigration throughout their careers and on the campaign trail. However, tonight we bring you three main points to keep an eye out for during tonight’s debate.


By now you must have heard that the 5th Circuit ruled against President Obama’s 2014 executive actions on immigration, paving the path for the administration to try and appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

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There is no doubt that DAPA and President Obama’s executive orders will come up during tonight’s debate, however, what will be interesting to hear is what candidates will plan to do should the case make it to the Supreme Court, what their vision is regarding existing executive actions (DACA), along with any reactions to the 5th Circuit ruling.

Here is a brief recap of some of the positions from Republican candidates:


As the weeks continue to go by, there hasn’t been a candidate who has not succumbed to the Trump Effect.

However, the Trump Effect is not exclusive to political candidates – as we have witnessed first hand how Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has translated into real life.

As Republicans continue to grow the already existing gulf between them and Latinos, will any Republican call out Trump’s racism or the acts of violence that are inspired by his hateful rhetoric?

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Networks like NBC try and normalize anti-immigrant rhetoric, and embed it into popular shows like Saturday Night Live, it is important to remember that Republicans will say anything in order to prove they are the toughest on immigration.

While furiously ignoring the Republican Party’s 2012 autopsy report, which deemed outreach to immigrants and minorities as a vital component to win future election, there certainly seems to be no boundary Republicans are not willing to cross when it comes to immigration – whether they have specific policy details, or not.

We’ve reached a point where the one of the most extreme and inhumane immigration policies – “mass deportation” – is actually discussed by some candidates as a legitimate policy. It isn’t. Donald Trump, who champions mass deportation, has mostly avoided answering any questions about how he would deport 11 million immigrants from the US.  But, most GOP candidates have not been clear about what they would do with the 11 million. A key focus of tonight’s debate is economic issues and there are enormous costs to mass deportation, that begs a direct question for all of the Republican candidates: Outline your policy vision for incorporating or expelling undocumented immigrants from the United States and justify your plan on economic terms?

Spoiler alert: They can’t.