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WATCH and READ: The Worst of Governor Jan Brewer

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Straight from the “Wild Wild Southwest,” you won’t want to miss this satirical look at the “Worst of Jan Brewer:

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) has become prime fodder for late night comedians and political satirists, after getting her head handed to her in a debate this week.

As Melinda Warner notes at Political Correction:

During her first gubernatorial debate last night, she was unable to answer to her false claims about headless bodies lying in the desert and literally walked away from reporters who tried to follow up. 

And her opening statement was less than professional:

While it is understandable that someone thrust into the national limelight would stumble a bit as they get used to the stress and attention, it is inexcusable that Brewer is using her new fame to promote falsehoods about the state of immigration both in Arizona and nationally.

This last point is key. As ridulous as the latest gaffe may be, our latest report and tongue-in-cheek infomercial show that Gov. Brewer has a long history of immigration distortion that has included defending indefensible claims time and again. Whether it’s calling the majority of unauthroized immigrants “drug mules,”  or fabricating beheadings by immigrants in the Arizona desert to shore up support for the state’s controversial immigration law, Gov. Brewer’s immigration rhetoric is poisoning our national debate.

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