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In Wake of Obama Action on Immigration, CO Father of Four U.S. Citizen Children Becomes ICE’s Latest Target for Deportation

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Jose Luis has lived in the US for almost 20 years and is the happily married father of 4 US citizen children (Ages 16, 13, 8, and 2) and a godson he cares for as if he were his own. He has deep ties to the Denver community and his church where he is a Eucharistic Minister. Jose is a small businessman who employs others and contributes daily to the local economy.

Jose Luis is a perfect example of someone who should be protected under the President’s recent executive action on immigration, but local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are still targeting him for deportation.  

In July of this year, Jose Luis was detained in a home raid after agents came to his home looking for another person. Although Jose Luis’ wife refused entry to these officers, Jose Luis spoke to the officers and provided them with an ID. They did a background check and discovered Jose Luis had a prior deportation. Agents returned to his house a week later and put Jose in detention. 

Jose Luis has lived in the United States for almost 20 years total, he has 10 years of continuous presence in the country, and other than the prior deportation or immigration related conviction for illegally crossing the border, he has no criminal record. Jose Luis has now been detained at GEO Detention Center in Aurora for five months and he and his family are urging ICE officials to recognize that he should be granted relief based on the President’s recent immigration policy changes.