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Who Voted to Take Food Out of 5.5 Million Children's Mouths?

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EDIT: The final vote tally was 273-173 in favor.

The following is a press release from the Alliance for Citizenship:

House Republicans missed the chance to reverse their anti-immigrant voting record

The House of Representatives voted today 237-173 on HR 4935, a bill permanently expands the eligibility of the child tax credit to higher income families, yet denies taxpaying immigrant workers with families from accessing the tax credit.

Below is a statement by Sue Chinn, the National Campaign Manager of the Alliance for Citizenship:

We support any expansion of the child tax credit to more families, however this House leadership once again showed how dead-set they are against immigrant families—including hardworking, taxpaying immigrant workers who have US born children—by voting to eliminate their eligibility from the child tax credit.

This is the same House leadership who has twice voted to deport Dreamers, is attempting to criminalize children who are fleeing violence from Central America, and has squandered the best chance in a decade to reform our broken immigration system. Now they are taking food out of the mouths of more than 5.5 million children whose parents are just like every other American parent, working hard for them to provide a better life.

I didn’t think it was possible for the House Republicans to take even more egregious action this year than they did last year, but it’s clear they’re allowing its extremist, anti-immigrant base to pull them further and further out of touch with mainstream America, ignoring the growing Latino and immigrant communities in this country.