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URGENT: Save a DREAMer and His Family, Only 8 Days to Act

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manolo lemPresident Obama has repeatedly said that his administration’s immigration enforcement priority is to target violent criminals and their job is keep families together, but apparently officials in his administration haven’t gotten the memo.

Take the case of Manolo Lem, for example.  Manolo is a young Chinese-American who would qualify for the DREAM Act.  He was brought to the US from Venezuela when he was just two years old, grew up in Tennessee, graduated from high school with honors, and earned a BA from Middle Tennessee State University.

Now, ICE wants to deport Manolo and his parents to Venezuela—even though Manolo has no friends or family there and speaks no Spanish.

If Manolo and his family are forced to leave the US, Venezuela could  further deport Manolo’s parents back to China, meaning the Lem family would be sentenced to live on three different continents.  (Manolo’s  younger brother is a US-born citizen and would stay behind in Tennessee.)

As of today, the Lem family only has 8 days left – you can help by signing our petition to keep them together.